Artist to Watch: Mannywellz


Mannywellz is a Maryland-based artist that incorporates his Nigerian roots into his music! SoulFro is his latest EP and I’m SHOOK. He produced this whole EP himself! CRAZY TALENT.
Let me tell you how I heard about him.
I was driving around one Saturday listening to The Heat on SiriusXM. I often like to listen to Chris Styles interviews because he’s just so dang good and has the best people on his show. I believe I actually came into the interview half way and heard this artist talking about how

he had just been inspired for his latest single while in church.

I was immediately hooked after hearing without ever hearing the song. I knew this was going to be good.
Some of his influences are ASA (European artist), Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Kanye West, Jon Bellion, Charlie Puth, and other wide ranges of artists.

After listening to this EP on repeat for the past 48 hours, hands down, my favorite song is Watermelon. I cannot sit still while listening to it. This will definitely be my summertime anthem!
Watermelon definitely talks about stereotypes while using metaphors about favors friends are doing for him. He talks about friends who cross him but that he will forgive them “as long as they bring me that watermelon” backed by a thumping bass and catchy rhythm.
My favorite thing about this song is that it talks about FOOD.
Check out the whole EP!!!!! You’ll be hooked too. Comment how you feel about the EP and leave comments about new artists you’re feeling!


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