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Artist to Watch: dvsn

I know a lot of you may already be listening to them but they are new to me!

dvsn is composed of two people: Daniel Daley and Nineteen85. Nineteen85 is the producer/genius behind several of Drake’s hits including “Hold On, We’re Going Home“, and “Hotline Bling“. My friend Ron put me onto them and I’m HOOKED!!


I literally sat down tonight and listened to both of their albums and read the lyrics with each song. This Canadian OVO signed duo puts out the MOST SOULFUL (and provocative) tracks. These albums are oozing sexuality. They have two albums out so far. Sept. 5th is their first album with Morning After as their sophomore album. If I could describe their sound, it would be a more mature and rougher Bryson Tiller/Tory Lanez.

Sept. 5th, released in 2016, is super soulful with a lot of falsetto hooks, (which I’m all about).  Sept. 5th and Angela are definitely my favorite tracks on the album. The lyrics give me all the feels. Lyrics are so important to me in music.

I feel discarded, I feel mistreated. I think of love, and you’re the meaning.

Take a listen below and comment what you think about one of my favorite tracks from Sept 5th!

The Morning After, released in October of 2017, is just as soulful, if not more than Sept. 5th! A lot of sexual, intimate, falsetto ballads! My favorite track is Mood. It’s about making time for each other in a long term relationship, rekindling the flame, and making things last. I’m about that. Take a listen below and comment what you think about this song!

dvsn is currently on tour but I feel like they are here to stay for a while! If you haven’t listened to them yet, give it a try! They’re so amazing and definitely have a great vibe to them! Shoutout to my friend Ron for suggesting them! I will be listening to them for a while.

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