Artist to Watch: svndze

As I was searching for new up and coming artists, I came across svndze. A fuse of soul and hip/hop, which is what I’m drawn to listening to. I also had the privilege to interview this artist. Now residing in Las Vegas, NV, after only putting out music for one year, svndze knows what he wants, and he’s making it happen.

From in Jacksonville, FL, twenty-four year old Darien Thomas also known as svndze grew up always listening to music with his father. Seeing many of his influences on the television, Thomas knew that he was meant for more and went after it. After attending his first concert, he knew that’s what he wanted to do with his life.

There’s nothing like a live show and a good performer.

With major influences like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Outkast, Kanye West, Michael Jackson, James Brown and Sade, he decided to incorporate what he admired the most out of these artists, into his own music.

….[I want to] tour the world, see different life and speak to the masses about being human and be a positive force.

With tracks like FreePeace, Baby, My God, and RideOut, svndze talks about inner peace, an ode to women, and motivating yourself.

My favorite track is definitely FreePeace. svndze described to me the meaning behind this song as a motivational anthem to help him achieve inner peace and help him recognize why he doesn’t have it. It’s the story of his journey through his mentality to reaching and obtaining peace.

The second verse is myself recognizing the inner peace and just being a bit braggadocios that I know what I possess and others don’t.

Baby, my god is a slow soulful tune that svndze says expresses from his perspective that women are God. This song comes straight from the heart and is personal song for Thomas.

It’s slightly a letter to both of them (his daughter and her mother), telling them to live life slow and how committed I will be to them.

Last but not least, RideOut is a motivational track that is about keeping focus on yourself and doing what you need to do to achieve the things you want in life. svndze talks about fighting your inner demons and overcoming your worst enemy: yourself.

This a different dimension, Tunnel vision my vision

Myself I don’t even listen; Why would I listen to you

Everyone, don’t sleep on this artist. Support up and coming talented artists! Be sure to check our svndze. He’s super talented! Also be sure to follow him on Instagram at @svndze . 


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