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Is Shoedazzle worth it?!


I have always been a shoe hoarder. I JUST CAN’T GET ENOUGH. So when they launched ShoeDazzle, naturally I had to sign up. Also, I believe Kim Kardashian was either involved in the company or was a spokesperson at the time.

I have been a VIP member since 2010. The beauty of this site is that you don’t HAVE to purchase or pay every month. You can skip a month if it isn’t in your budget or if you don’t see anything you like. I have ordered from them 8 times. Here are my thoughts.

The quality isn’t great. But you get what you pay for. I have purchased 8 times from them and had different experiences each time.

My first purchase was the first time I signed up for ShoeDazzle. When I signed up there was a promotion going that you get 50% off your first purchase and mostly everything at the time was 39.99. So I thought, “What a steal!” Wrong. They are the most uncomfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. AT THE TIME, they were a really popular style. I have to admit that ShoeDazzle keeps up with the trends.


My second time, I purchased these turquoise pumps with silver hardware accents. They have a clear PVC material on the sides. Super cute. Super uncomfortable. I also found that I needed to go down a half size in their heels!


The third purchase I made was this super super cute tortoise shell crossbody bag with coral and mirrored stone accents. I love this so much but the stones fell out super easily. I admit that I’m hard on bags so it could have just been how I treated it honestly.


The fourth thing I purchase are these pastel floral mary jane platforms. I LOVE THESE. They are super comfortable and a great fashion staple to add to your closet for the spring! They are super comfortable and I get a ton of compliments on them.


The fifth thing I purchased are these tribal wedges. Super cute for when they were in style but never have I ever even worn them. I’m sure I would fall. I guess I didn’t realize how tall they were (I’m 5’8″).



The sixth thing I ordered were these thigh high black boots with gold hardware accents on the heels. I love these paired with shorts and an oversized graphic tee, paired with gold accent jewelry! They are super comfortable too! I get so many compliments on them! I feel like ShoeDazzle started to improve the longer they were in business.


The seventh thing I ordered are these leopard and gold accent hardware booties. These are super comfortable too! And I wear these in the winter and summer! I get tons of compliments on them. I love that the toe is pointy!


The most recent thing I purchased are these bow heeled sandals! They are NOT comfortable at all but I will definitely rock them anyways. They remind me of a sandal version of Riahanna’s bow sneaker collection she came out with. Color and all! I’M OBSESSED.



Shoedazzle also added a clothing line recently! AND it’s friend towards curvy girls! This dress fits perfectly and will be super cute for maybe even Easter! I’m super excited to wear this!



Overall, ShoeDazzle is a hit or miss but that’s kinda how it goes with online shopping. My suggestion is to go down half a size in your heels and to definitely take advantage of being able to return your items. Their accessories and clothing definitely get an A+ from me. Their shoes get a B- only because most of them are super uncomfortable. The advantage of this site, like I said, is that you skip monthly if you aren’t interested in paying for their services at the time, no matter the reasons why. So you can pay as you go. You just can’t forget to skip the month before the 5th of the month or you will be billed $39.99. Other than that, everything is super cute on their site and it’s totally worth it!

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