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Current Obsession: Mickey Shiloh

I came across this artist a few years ago and literally fell in love with her style of music. It is nothing like I’ve ever heard honestly. The lyrics are super raw, edgy, personal, sexual, and more than anything, relatable.


Mickey “Michaela” Shiloh is a twenty five year old from California. Born to two teenage parents, Shiloh grew up learning about music from her father, an aspiring rapper. Shiloh started writing her own raps by the age eight, and by age 15 learned how to mix and record her own tracks. Shortly, she landed her a deal with multi-platinum with Chad Beatz, a member of Tastemaker Music. She has worked with majors artists including but not limited to  Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Pitbull, and Ray J.

Her melodic tracks backed by her hauntingly relatable lyrics is what drew me in. The main song I want to focus on is Drunk On the Mic. This is my favorite song she has out, but I am quickly falling in love with album 2 Weeks Notice and EP Psych Ward.

Check out some of my favorite songs by her below! Make sure you follow her on social media @MickeyShiloh !






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