I always want to shine a spotlight on my city because, to me, it’s the best city there is. When I started this blog, I made a list of who I wanted to talk about and K Mill was definitely on the list.


Originally from New Haven, CT, twenty-eight year old Kenneth Miller, known around town as K Mill, started making music when he was only nine years old. Miller participated in talent shows in every grade.

Dr. Suess and writing poetry made me get into music! I knew it was something I would never stop doing.

His major influences are the people who never gave up on him and his dream, but most of all his little bother Jerrell “G$” Davis. Miller says,”He knew I had it in me to make it.”

The music scene in Myrtle Beach is actually awesome right now. A bunch of dedicated artists trying to make it out of their situations.

Looking to gain true fans and longevity, K Mill is looking to make a mark in music and has already accomplished a lot in Myrtle Beach, SC. With producers Critty on the Track and Ariesinthecut, some of K Mill’s favorite songs he’s done are Dedicated to my Queen, Never Give Up, and otw 2 ATL (coming to SoundCloud soon).


“[Dedicated to my Queen is].. about my mother and how she was always there for me through thick and thin”

Make sure to keep updated with K Mill’s music by following him on SoundCloud, Spotify, and subscribing to his YouTube channel! Check out some of my personal favorites from him below!

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