THE COMEUP SITDOWN with Sxutta Xity Juice


I love finding new artists to talk about and while spreading the word of what I was writing about at work, one of my co-workers said I should check out one of his friends music: Sxutta Xity Juice (pronounced Scutta City Juice).


Twenty-five year old Oscar Moore had chance to answer some of my questions about his goals and tell me a little about himself as well as some of his songs. When I asked what genre of music he would classify his music as, he told me that ‘all around I can make you feel any emotion’. That’s a powerful statement to make but he definitely backs up his words with his fire tunes.

Growing up in Myrtle Beach, SC, Juice has been seriously focusing on music for the past three years.

Just hearing music made me want to get involved knowing I can do my own thing.

With local music currently blowing up the local radio station, Juice is looking to break out of the local scene. With no major musical influences, Juice just does his own thing striving to make a better life and put his friends and family in better positions as he grows. With a ten song mixtape out now, Juice is rapidly putting himself on the map in Myrtle Beach.

With hits like Good For Me, Pyrex, and Symptoms, Juice gives you all access and a glimpse into his life.

Symptoms and Pyrex grants you entry into the side effects of the street life. These tracks are laid back with raw lyrics talking about how the life in the streets are pouring over his mind. While Good For Me has more of a club vibe sound to it, it’s a track fort the ladies.

Check out his full mixtape in it’s entirety in the link below!



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