WYD?: What I’m Up to This Week

This past week has been super hectic and I’ve had such a jam packed schedule. But that’s better than not having anything to do, right? I eventually plan on turning this into a vlog! Stay tuned!


Last Thursday, I made an incredible step into renewing my relationship with my faith: I joined a local Bible study group. I’ve always had questions and not really been knowledgeable with Christianity so I decided that the best way to learn is to dive in! Plus. I really want to make new friends that have the same goals and interests that I do. Overall, I really enjoyed it. All the ladies there really made me feel welcome and didn’t make me feel dumb that I literally know nothing about the Bible. Our study is coming from a book called Open Your Bible by Raechel Myers and Amanda Bible Williams. I really enjoyed everything we talked about and getting to know everyone. It’s definitely something that I’ll be returning to.


Also, I did make a video about my two Boxy Charm boxes that I received but it was such terrible video quality, I decided not to post them. I really need to invest in some good equipment! 

Friday afternoon, I met up with these two incredible guys who are super talented with music. I ended up going to their studio and singing a little for them. We ended up recording two songs and I’m super happy with where that’s going and I’m excited for everyone to hear everything! Music is definitely a huge passion of mine and it really makes me so happy. What are some of your passions? What brings you joy?

I also have been offered a really great opportunity to talk about my blog on a bigger platform! I have really been noticed by my music posts and a really cool show called Sumthin 4 Da People, based out of Greenville, NC, contacted me and want me to talk about my blog on air April 4th! So make sure you subscribe to my blog for further details!

Another thing I wanted to talk about quickly is I am planning on making a weekly playlist and sharing it with you guys! What platform do you prefer the playlist to be on? I use Apple Music but I know a lot of people are all about Spotify! I am definitely willing to learn how to use that but want to know what you think! Comment below! 


Make sure you subscribe to my blog below! Comment and tell me what you’re up to at the moment! I want to know more about you too!




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