THE COMEUP SITDOWN with Critty on da Trak


Recently, I had the opportunity of meeting up with 33 year old Troy Phillips aka Critty on da Trak. We met up at his studio in downtown Conway, SC, one Friday afternoon. Surrounded by a group of friends, Phillips was the life of the scene.

Born and raised in Conway, SC, Phillips talked to me about his major influences, some of his successes, what inspires him, and of course, his music.

With his latest track Moved Up being splashed across the radio stations in the Myrtle Beach, SC, (98.5) and the Greenville, SC, (101.9) area, Phillips is only just beginning.


“I let people know how it goes with me and my life and what I see.”

Phillips first got into music in 9th grade. Art class to be exact, when his friend Darnell used to make him beat box. Darnell actually helped him write his first rhyme. After stepping into the studio at the young age of 16, Phillips fell in love with everything about the process of making music.

Inspired by God and his brother, who passed away in Iraq in 2008, Phillips strives to inspire others. “Not even… I just want someone to listen to it and get inspired. It’s more less about the fame and the money. I’ve been doing this for so long. I haven’t blown up yet.”

“I write in my head,” Phillips explained. “I’m nothing like nobody else. It’s just different. It comes from the heart so I don’t feel like I’m having to think so much. It’s not like I’m free styling. You listen to my music and swear that I wrote that shit… or somebody wrote it.”

Give me a f**kin’ bucket and f**kin’ drum sticks… I’m going in. That’s where hip-hop started and it’s changed so much since then.

Phillips works with many local artists in the area as well. “Can I just name a few?” he laughs. “I’m grateful to have them around.”


Phillips number one musical influence is Jadakiss but describes his music under the genre of not being ‘one track minded’. Phillips is currently working on an album called Dare 2 Be Different, inspired by his Pops. ‘He always preached that,’ Phillips said.

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Twitter: CrittySC

Snapchat: CrittyOnDaTrak





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