Day In My Life: A Weekday

Usually, I run late every morning. I’m not going to lie. My bed refuses to let me get up so I’m usually the Tasmanian devil IRL every morning trying to get ready and get the dogs up and going. But I’m trying to get in a routine and wake up in a decent time so I don’t have such a hectic morning.

This morning I woke up around 5am. I have to put an alarm clock across my room so I actually have to get out of bed. *LIFE HACK*

I let Chuck out of his cage, because he’s a puppy and will terrorize the apartment if I don’t make him sleep in there at night. I straighten my hair and put a little foundation and mascara on while he wakes up and eats and drinks something. Genevieve is usually at my heels all morning until we leave. I usually wear something comfortable to work like leggings or a tracksuit. I work in an office and sometimes have to do work in the warehouse that has tons of black dirt. No need to wear something nice because it will easily get ruined.

If I have time in the morning and have some cash (I don’t like to use my debit card ever), I go by McDonalds for a parfait or Dunkin Donuts for an iced coffee before work.

It’s about a 15 minute commute to work so nothing crazy.

I get to work and set up for the day. I bring my personal MacBook to work so I have to set it up. (I really need to get a backup drive for it, by the way so please recommend something!) It’s been super cold lately so I have to turn on both heaters in the office and the dogs usually either curl up in their bed next to my desk or park it right in front of the heater on the floor! My little hotdogs!



I usually go through my emails first and write down messages from voicemail from the previous night and earlier in the morning. Then, I go through paperwork that all the drivers have turned in. I scan and put charges on all the paperwork and send it out to the companies we work for. It sounds simple but it’s tedious and super time consuming. I answer phone calls, handle problem freight, and am usually handling convention freight throughout the day afterwards. I must say though, I’m very lucky to work with the people I work with. Not only directly in my office, but the other offices as well as our customers across the country. Everyone is super pleasant and easy to deal with, MOST DAYS.


My office must-haves:

  • Sirius XM radio playing
  • an iced coffee or caffeinated drink
  • sticky notes
  • desk calendar
  • calculator
  • my Britney Spears mouse pad (everyday inspo!)
  • Bath & Body Works Energy Aromatherapy hand lotion
  • my good luck green elephant and fortune cookie figurines
  • staple remover/paperclips/stapler
  • glasses
  • pen

What are your office must-haves?


I usually get off work around 5 o’clock, if not later. I herd the dogs to the car with all of my bags (purse, lunch bag, laptop case) and it’s back home we go. Depending if I have plans or not, I usually fix a quick dinner and catch up on some TV or write. I haven’t been to the gym lately (I know, I’m a slacker) but Travis usually texts me around this time and says, “GYMMMM?” and I usually have to come up with a quick excuse to get out of it or I pretend it never happened. HAHAH. Sorry Travis, I love ya but I don’t love the gym. But tonight, I WILL GO TO THE GYM AND TAN. And I might do laundry later. #GTL for life.

After the gym, I’ll come home, shower and get ready for bed. Make sure I take the dogs out and feed them. I’ll either read or write before bed just to wind down.

My days are wild, I know. But I’m a single dog mom and I make ends meet and make it work. HAHA. Either way, I stay busy from start to finish and that’s what helps me the most. My mornings are usually the busiest!

What do your days usually look like? Are you usually on the go or have plenty of down time? Leave comments below!

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