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Self-Care Saturdays: How to Overcome Overwhelm

Self-care is personal and it means different things to different people. Just think about it like being in an airplane and putting on YOUR oxygen mask on FIRST before you help others!

I have this planner that I buy every year. It’s called Day Designer by Whitney English. It helps me keep all my thoughts and plans right in one place. Last Monday, I got a newsletter from them and it was actually a worksheet called The First Step of Overcoming Overwhelm! And at what a great moment it was when I received it because I have been super overwhelmed with everything I’ve been working on and all the new projects I’ve been taking on. So, it came at PERFECT timing!

Because let’s be honest, life can get overwhelming and everyone experiences this. Let’s do a reality check! Answer some of these questions out loud or jot them down. I’ll answer mine on here!

Reality Check

How am I spending my time? Work, therapy, blogging, friends, family.

How am I organizing my life? I am the most organized person, I swear. I also keep my appointments and plans in THREE places. I have a desk calendar at work, a Day Designer planner, and I enter everything in my phone as well with alarms!

How well am I focusing on my priorities? I honestly am more focused than I’ve ever been. My 8am-5pm job comes first. That’s my primary income so that’s most important. I blog and collect content as much as I can and that also keeps me very busy! My mental and physical health is also super important to me. Also, Chuck Bass and Genevieve!

Hands-On Strategies

Start By Taking A Break From It All

Strategy #1: Block Off Time To Do Nothing (At All)

Pull out your planner, or whatever you use to organize and block off time for yourself! You might have to cancel or reschedule something, but it’s worth it. This is your time to breathe and reflect.

Strategy #2: Do Something Else

This is something I really need to do myself! If you have a million and one things to, STOP. Do something else! Do something NOT on your to-do list. Do something you enjoy. Something that brings you peace and joy! Can you name something you love to do that doesn’t stress you out?

Then, Get Back To It With Laser Focus

Strategy #3: Write It All Down

Give your brain a break from having to remember every detail about everything! Have little reminders for yourself! Grab a pen, paper, planner, sticky notes, whatever you need and get to writing!

Strategy #4: Decide What To Do, Delegate, or Delete

Now it’s time to edit your schedule and make cuts! You can’t do EVERYTHING. You’ll wear yourself out. This is where you let some of it go! *Shake It Off* (Mariah Carey Voice)

Set Yourself Up For A Successful Tomorrow

Strategy #5: Identify Your Top Priorities

Now that it’s clear on exactly what you need to do, it’s time to prioritize. What’s most important and what can wait? Make a list!

Strategy #6: Perfection Won’t Ever Happen

Let go of perfection! You can’t perfect everything you do. You aren’t Beyoncé. And that’s okay! The sooner you let go of the idea of perfection, the sooner you will free up your mind and heart to enjoy this one life you’re living!

Your Plan to Overcome Overwhelm

What areas of your life are you wanting to improve? I really want to learn to disconnect and be more present. I also want to work more on my physical health and make more time for it.

Which of the strategies would help you do that best? The strategy of letting go of the idea of perfection! I am so critical and harsh on myself when I’m not 100%.

What steps will you take to implement each strategy into your life? 

#1. I seriously need to work on blocking off time to do nothing! I’m always on the go and I need to rest and reset. I think I’m going to start putting my phone on silent or putting it on airplane mode and just sit and relax and read!

#2. I really need to work on this one as well. Doing something I enjoy! And I already made a good step to implementing this strategy today! I have a million things to do and a million things going on but today I took the day off and am going to the park with my best friend and her little boy!

#3. I am already super great at writing everything down but maybe I could review it more often!

#4. This one is important as well to me. I often try to get everything done in one day and don’t spread out things and delegate. I’m always chasing perfection and try to get everything accomplished and I want to do things myself! I could start planning things out better!

#5. I am actually really good at prioritizing! I know what’s most important and what can come in between time.

#6. This is super important to me! I am super hard on myself but I come from a family that is so great at everything they do! They are such hard workers and perfectionists so I feel like I need to be one as well. I need to let it go and face it that I am not at my 100% at all times and that’s okay.

What tools can best help you avoid overwhelm? I think disconnecting and blocking off time for myself will help me more than anything. Just a time to stop for a moment and reflect, review, and regroup.


I hope everyone learned something from this! I know it was kind of super personal with my answers, but I want to make sure that everyone knows that they aren’t alone in being super overwhelmed!




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