As always, I’m working on talking with local artists and artists in general who are super passionate about their work. I came across thirty-three year old Askari Pine, a local artist from Conway, SC.

askari filler

Christopher Pino aka Askari Pine has been on and off with music for about ten years but has recently started putting in some serious work. Pino’s cousin was also a local artist and Pino recalls listening to him make music outside of his window after kicking him out! He inspired Pino a lot. “He made music that you can feel, real hip hop.”

Inspired and fueled by his kids, patience and consistency is what is key for overcoming any obstacle for Pino.

I am influenced by anyone who came from nothing to something. I’m influenced by the artists who really lived their music and who overcame their struggle.

Pino’s favorite tracks from his mixtape Ambition Over Struggle are Dedication, Truth, and What I’m Doing. “I would describe all of them as different. None of my music sounds alike.” Ambition Over Struggle was also recorded, mixed, and mastered by Sxutta Xity Juice.

You can listen to Askari Pine on SoundCloud and free streaming on

askari pine


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