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Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is one of my favorite holidays because it just so happens that my momma is one of my most favorite people in the world.
Let me tell you a little about her!
My momma is a beauty queen! She was in the Miss Newberry pageant when she was younger and her talent was singing and playing the guitar. I guess that’s where I get my talents and love for music from!
Momma is a second grade teacher and she truly loves her children every year unconditionally. One year when I was in high school, she even let one of her students live with us! Her name was Latisha and she was the most precious little girl. I believe she came from a really tough home situation so my Momma took her in and bought her new clothes and would go to the salon to get Latisha’s hair braided with colorful beads. That just tells you how much she truly cares about her students.
Growing up, Momma always made sure my sister and I looked like little ladies. We had our matching dresses, which my Momma hand made and of course no outfit was complete without the matching bows and lacy socks!
She’s one of the most creative and talented people I know! She literally can do anything. She can cook and bake anything you ask her to make. And it will taste just like heaven. Every single year, every holiday is accompanied with lavish meals and cookies and treats that never last long in the Crocker household.
Not only is she caring and crafty, but she’s super compassionate and understanding. I can tell her anything and everything and she doesn’t judge me. She listens with an open heart and gives me the best advice.
But not only is she a great mother, she is a wonderful wife and daughter-in-law. My dad is also super important to me and she takes care of him so well. She always buys him the latest technology and makes sure he dresses well! (Minus that awful paisley shirt he’s never worn and that she’s tried to pawn off to every family member and our male friends!) Haha! And not only does she love my father and take care of him, but she also is super kind, patient, and compassionate with my father’s mother, Granny. (Her mother-in-law). She treats her like a queen and goes above and beyond to take care of her.
Through all that she does, she also struggles with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus disease. She’s a fighter and despite how bad she may be feeling, she never lets it get her down and always has a way of making people laugh, smile, and feel good about themselves.
I don’t know what I’d do without her. Our family wouldn’t be the same, and I wouldn’t be the same. Thank you for putting up with all of our crazy personalities!

I love you most, Momma.












(This is literally my favorite picture of my top 3 favorite people. It’s a picture I took when we were on vacation and took mopeds around the Bahamas. We were lost in this moment. Daddy was on his phone, Cami was just… well… being obnoxious HAHAH and Momma was tired and hot and just had enough. This photo makes me laugh so hard. It’s actually framed in my house.)


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