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Current Summer Fashion Lust List


It’s SUMMER! No matter how much I hate sweating off my makeup after walking out the door in 10 seconds, I love summer styles! I love all of the cookouts and summer concerts! I love the feeling that summer brings! No more winter blues!

Here are some of the things I’ve been eyeing/dying to get for my summer wardrobe. Some are affordable where others are equivalent to my rent on my apartment or more.

I’m hooked on Vans sneakers. Especially the checkered ones. I’ve been rocking checkered Vans since I was in middle school! Funny how trends always come back around! But I’ve definitely been dying to get these bad boys. THEY’RE PLATFORMS. OMG.


vans checkered platform\

I absolutely am obsessed with Ashley Graham. So when I found out that she came out with her own swimsuit line, I HAD TO GET ONE. This is one that I want so badly from her new season of suits this year. I am so obsessed with the pink and red contrast. Also, I love how she’s totally size inclusive!


ag bs


Every girl and guy in the world want red bottoms. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t want Loubs. It’s a status symbol, let’s be honest. Although my first pick of Louboutin’s would be just the classic black or nude patent leather pump, these would be a great statement piece for any summer wardrobe. These are so beautiful!!!!

BUY HERE! (or dream of buying here.)



Anyone who knows me well, knows how much of a Kardashian addict I am. Say what you want, but those women turned a really bad situation into MONEY. Khloe Kardashian has a denim line called Good American that I really want to see what the fuss is about! She is also super size inclusive and ranges from 00-24. How awesome is that? Celebrating ¬†and making sure every size feels like they can look their best no matter their insecurities. I really love these shorts. I love the distressed look! I don’t think I own a pair of denim that isn’t ripped! So I really flocked to these babies! Although I could never bring myself to pay this much for ripped shorts. Ugh.


I really promise to be good forever and not do one bad thing ever for the rest of my life if someone ordered this for me. I love Louis Vuitton. I have a fake one that has the cherries on it (shoutout to the Bahamas for their knockoffs!) BUT I just want this one. I know that I carry suitcases as purses most of the time BUT I WOULD DOWNSIZE AND SIMPLIFY FOR LIFE. OKAY?!



I have followed this clothing line for a really long time on Instagram and it’s definitely on of my motivations I use to lose weight to be able to buy some of their stuff. I love how girly and feminine and soft everything looks. This is my style to a “T”. I would love to wear this all summer long. I would shower and sleep in it and live my best life in this dress. 24/7.




QUAY is my favorite sunglasses line of all time! And I’m going through a cat eye phase at the moment. I love how reflective these glasses are! They’re so pretty! And all of their glasses are super affordable!





What is your favorite item on this list!? What are some of your must-haves for the summer?

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