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My Goals For The Summer

Most people think of summer as THE season to let loose and relax! I feel like I’m the opposite. Summer is the time when I’m most motivated! I feel like I’m super depressed and just not motivated or inspired at all in the winter time. It’s so pretty in Myrtle Beach in the summer and the only thing about this season that depresses me is being stuck in an office for work when I could be doing so much more!


So, I put together a little list of the things I want to accomplish this summer!

  • Summer reading list. I love being able to disconnect from my phone, the computer, and the world by READING. Yes. Reading. A physical book. Don’t even come at me talking about Nooks and Audiobooks. I need to relax by the pool, my back porch, in bed, or my couch with a really good book. Sometimes fiction and sometimes self-help or educating! I love to read and I used to read all the time but sometimes after coming home from work and staring at a computer all day, I don’t want to do anything! This is definitely something I really want to work on. I put together a really good summer reading list that I’m posting next Monday! So stay tuned for that!
  • Working on my physical health. I have been neglecting this so much! I have been so focused on other priorities like mental health and work to even care about this but summertime makes me so motivated with all the cute bikini’s that make me want to never leave the gym again! I’m so happy to have found a good gym partner that holds me accountable and we have so much fun working out. We don’t even listen to music on our headphones or anything. We just talk about everything in between heavy breathing on the stair master! LOL. Not only am I wanting to get busy in the gym, but I’m going to start going to the local recreation center and start swimming laps. This is my favorite way to exercise! I’m ready to focus on this aspect of my life more than anything.
  • Make weekends productive.I’ve started getting to the point where I’m wasting my weekends on too much relaxation and it’s really bothering me. I’ve started recently grabbing my planner and filling it full of plans! It holds me more accountable by writing them down. Instead of sleeping the day away, I have a routine and itinerary of things to do! I hate sitting at home alone. It gets me all out of whack and I need to surround myself with people and fill my days with activities.
  • Time to go vegan, again. Okay. So I won’t be annoying with this but I went vegan for almost a year a couple of years ago and it was so self fulfilling. It made me feel good that I was doing something positive just by my eating preferences. I am a huge animal lover and this is important to me. I have a friend that’s a huge inspiration to me. I really want to do it this time and stick to it. I even have ordered one of those meal delivery services that is vegan and healthy! It’s by “Purple Carrot” and it is a meal plan by Tom Brady for people who workout and want to achieve peak performance. It’s also high protein meals which is what I need because the last time I wasn’t getting enough! I’m thinking about doing a post about this! What do you think?
  • Beach/pool days. So even though I live at the beach, I’m not a beach girl by any means. I love the beach, but I am so scared of the water. All of the things in it! Germs, fish, seaweed, Jaws, ya know. I refuse to go in lakes, oceans, anything like that. No thanks. I’ll stick to swimming in the pool. But I do want to make an effort to getting to the beach and pool this summer and making days out of it! I really don’t get to do that enough and I love tanning!
  • Take more pictures. Not even selfies! Just pictures in general. Pictures of beautiful sunsets, family pictures, pictures of the dogs, pictures with friends, etc. I never take pictures except for random selfies or snapchat filters. I want to post more on Instagram and I want to have pictures of good memories!
  • Make more YouTube videos. Making videos are so much fun! I just never know what to make them about! But I really want to start doing more of them! Talking or showing you guys things about my life. Would you guys be interested in that?!
  • Make music! So I’ve been meaning to start writing and get in a studio soon! I really love doing that and it’s so much fun to hear a finished product. I have never written anything but I feel like I have so much to say and it would be really awesome to do.


What are some of your goals for the summer!?

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