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Someone Who Inspires Me

I’m inspired daily by random things and random people. I have constants that surely are always there in the back of my mind that always inspire and motivate me. 

For anyone who has a sister, you know that she was your first best friend and your life long best friend. She was the first person to probably piss you off and the first person to make you laugh. She’s the first person you played dress up and Barbies with. She helped you get through your toughest times and you helped her get through hers. She always took your side when you and your parents had a disagreement. She helped you get your way most of the time. And you know that even though you are older and live totally different lives, she’s just a phone call away.


I am lucky enough to have an older sister. Just us two. My sister is my biggest inspiration to me. She’s always been the “good” daughter. She never causes trouble, does/says the right things at the right times. Most everyone who knows her looks up to her. She waited for the right person to come into her life and they are now happily married. She never settled for less than she deserved and she knows her worth. She’s an incredibly hard worker and although she has a tough exterior, she has a really big heart. She’s a lot of tough love, but we all need someone like that in our lives. She follows her passions. She is super goal oriented and motivates others to be their best. If she decides she wants to do something, she’ll do it.  I wish I was more like her. 











Who inspires you?

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