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I was recently going through old photos and came across my prom pictures from my junior year of high school! Woah. I completely thought I was fat back then… I wish I was that size still. LOL. One day I will get back into that zebra prom dress and I will rock it!

I wish I had a good photo of the entire dress. The pink sash in the middle met around the back and was a huge bow! To die for. I only have a picture of a picture of it. But still. You get the point.





This was my favorite teacher, Mr. Chandler. He was so funny and he never gave me detention (unlike my other teachers). He was a history teacher and super cool!

I wish there was somewhere that did adult prom so I could have a reason to get this dressed up and dolled up! What a fun night. I also did not party after the prom, but I went to Krsipy Kreme. Keepin’ it real.



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