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Summer Date Ideas to Beat the Heat

I am not in a relationship right now, but these are some great ideas to do with your significant other OR your best friends. If you live in a humid and hot city, I know you understand me when I don’t want to be outside for very long. Sometimes your setting spray won’t beat the heat and humidity and your face sweats off your entire body. So here’s a little list of things you can do in the A/C or somewhere cooler than 40 hells.

  • The Aquarium. Not so deep down inside the 10 year old me is still begging someone to go with me. It’s so relaxing and calming. I love looking at their ever-changing exhibits they have and the shark tunnel is literally my favorite. The mermaid show is still cool to me, and YES I DO WANT TO PICK UP THE HORSESHOE CRABS.
  • Movie Date. This literally will never get old. There’s always a good movie coming out and they keep the theaters at Arctic temperatures. Plus, if you go to one of the fancier movie theaters you get those awesome reclining seats that you can catch a nap in if the movie sucks.
  • Show & Dinner. If you’re living in a tourist trap like me, you are surrounded by shows that serve dinners. Like, Pirates Voyage and Medieval Times. I still love both of those even though me and my friend went to Pirates Voyage once a week for a month because he got comp tickets from his job, I have taken a break but I am feeling it again. Plus their rum slushies is where it’s at!
  • Pool days. Like I said before, I am not a beach/river/lake girl. I will not get in murky brown water or any water that is germ infested that may contain man eating creatures. That’s just me. So, take me to a pool and bring a cooler with snacks and adult beverages and lets COOL IT. I love the pool. It’s not too far from home so I can run back and check on the dogs when needed and when I get too hot, I can relax in the shallow water. YES times 10.
  • Bookstore and coffee dates. I would absolutely love this date. I’m an avid reader and writer and this is perfect. Grab a iced coffee and relax with a good book and your boo thang.
  • Cooking & Movie night at YOUR house. This is so simple yet so relaxing. Throw in a puzzle or something. I’m all about this.

What are your favorite date ideas?



1 thought on “Summer Date Ideas to Beat the Heat”

  1. Doing really well for yourself and i totally see you personally reading your blogs. So happy for you and how well you’re doing. Keep them coming and dont be a stranger!


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