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3 Ways To Let Go & Live Better Today

It seems like the older I get, the more I ruminate on more and more. I am so busy most of the time that I can’t seem to let go and to live my life for me. Chances are, you’ve got so much going on as well. Between work, social life, family, finances, pets, etc. that’s just a lot for ANYONE. The more you try to balance a perfect life, the more you seem to be running on empty.

  1. Let Yourself Feel It. Don’t deny it! Whatever you’re feeling, whether it’s anxiety, depression, anger towards anyone or any situation, just let yourself feel it. It’s temporary. Don’t punish yourself for feeling the way you do. Just move forward.
  2. Be Grateful. When you’re busy being thankful, you are less likely to be worrying about what’s bothering you at the moment. Write a gratitude list. Train your mind to focus on the positives and release the negativity. You cannot control everything.
  3. Be Present. Remember what is here now and how you feel now. Don’t worry about what happened yesterday or a month or year ago. Clear space for positivity to enter. Let go of the negatively and positivity will illuminate your life. Spend your time and energy cultivating relationships and work that you value the most!



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