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Weight-Loss Update – Week 1

To be honest, this weekend was very difficult. I was around so much good food and around family and alcohol. It was super hard because I was never given an option of anything healthy. So I just ate super slowly, mindfully, and didn’t eat a lot.

Side note: All in all, a lot of my weight has to do with my depression and birth control medications! (Surprise! Ya girl is depressed from time to time!) But after working with doctors for several years and finding what’s right for me, I can finally say that I’ve found the right medications and I’ve lost 16 pounds in a month. What a relief. I knew that a lot of my depression fed off of my weight gain and there wasn’t a lot I could do about it. Now that I have that under control, I can finally get back to working hard and not harder than I should be to lose the pounds, if that makes sense. I just had chemicals working against me. I am starting to fit into my clothes better and with me taking the extra step to eating healthier and getting back into the gym, I feel like this weight will fall off faster than ever.

My energy levels are great right now and that is my biggest accomplishment at the moment. I pulled through my toughest and darkest moments. It hurt like hell but I made it. And I know I still have a long way to go but I’m so happy at the rate I’m going.

Going to the gym with my best friend at 5:30am tomorrow before work and starting this new protein shake! I’m super excited for my life right now. ❤️

Never been the kind of person to post any sort of photo of me showing any skin but my sister took this photo of me and I don’t hate it. Here’s my semi-before picture.



2 thoughts on “Weight-Loss Update – Week 1”

  1. Great job, Carli.
    Glad the drs have figured out your medication; certainly helps make your journey more successful.
    ❤️ Keep up the great attitude, Carli. So happy to see you happy.


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