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My Most Used Apps on My iPhone

I am so guilty of having an app on my phone for literally everything. I have my phone apps super organized according to categories and what I use them for. Check out my most used apps as of recently!

Heres a general view of how OCD I am with organizing my apps! Don’t judge meeeee.


My most used apps are probably Apple Music and my emails!

To sign up for Apple music click HERE


Poshmark is one of my most favorite apps I have! It’s like an online consignment shop! I’ve gotten so many goodies off of here! Thinking about doing to a post about all the cool things I’ve bought on this app!

I’m obsessively on the Ulta app too. Always looking at new drops and collaborations coming out and purchasing some of a my long time favorites.


I also really love the Placebo app. It has my morning and evening meditations on this app as well as a place to keep track of your progress.


Of course I’m always on ALL of these social media apps. Always checking out who is up to what and what’s going on!


What are some of your favorite apps!?



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