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I ain’t sayin’ she a goal digger…

I have missed you guys! I have missed writing so much but I have been so busy!


As you guys know, I’ve joined the Younique products team as a presenter/consultant! I’m so excited for this amazing opportunity and adventure! In my FIRST month, I hit Yellow Status, which means I sold $1000 in one month, and I actually did it in LESS than a month! But, I took a break from it for two weeks because I was so burnt out from living and breathing Y. I have started stocking up on products so I can give my best tutorials and product knowledge! The next goal I’m trying to reach is Pink Status. Which means I need to sell $2000 in one month as well as recruit one presenter under me! I’m so excited and really feeling motivated. I have so many good feelings about this company. I know that I will really succeed with Younique. I am also looking forward to the launch of my “Girl Gloss School“! So definitely be on the lookout for that!


Also, if you guys have been keeping up with my blog, you know that I have been working on my weight. I can now tell you guys that I am down 25 lbs since June! I feel so great and can really tell by the way my clothes are fitting me. I really just eat whatever I feel like but keep my portions small. I can really accredit my medication for really helping me shed the pounds. But I want to start working on it more. My biggest issue is GETTING to the gym. Once I’m there, I’m fine. It’s just getting there that’s my biggest issue. But I am feeling so determined.

Another thing I’m working on is to try and write more. I’ve been super inspired lately after my extended writers block and crazy schedule with working my full time job as well as starting my Younique business. I really missed being on here and producing some good content to share with everyone. I am going to try and post on here at least 3-4 times a week. Hopefully more!

I also wanted to share that I am bringing back my ComeUp SitDown segment BACK! I have been so inspired by all of you and your amazing talents. Please share some amazing local talents with me! Who are you interested in as an artist right now?

What do you guys want to see more of?!

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(Gossip Girl… jk, it’s ME)



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