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From Odenton, MD, twenty-eight year old William Major is out to set a name for himself in the fashion world. Currently residing in Charleston, SC, Major knew from as far back as he can remember that he wanted to create and design.

“Drawing has just been an outlet for me to express myself and it led me to design coincidentally.”

Growing up, Major’s mother and sister were always begging him to make them something. Throughout his life, Major describes to me how much his teachers and friends (Taylor, Kollin, and Masha) really inspired him but kept his head from getting too big.


Introduced to fashion mainly through Teen Vogue magazines throughout his move from Myrtle Beach, SC to Charleston, SC, Major found a new sense of inspiration and knew that he could make a name and a mark for himself in the fashion industry. The  next day, after moving to Charleston, he enrolled in the Art Institute.

Currently working at H&M, Major finds his biggest obstacle is networking. Inspired by what Major likes to call “the spirit of perseverance”, Major is currently working on branding and marketing himself as a designer as well as creating a brand.

“People are facing many challenges and obstacles in their lives all over and each story is unique and special but I have noticed after these adversities are faced with no fear and strong will. The individual is fashioned into a new form with a fulfilling life and state of mind simultaneously. This phenomenon is beautiful to me in all ways.”

“In one year, I would like to have both brands up and running. My five year goal would be to be a well-known name in fashion and in ten years I would like to try not to waste all my money on plastic surgery to look young.”


Major is looking to gain experience and new skills. He is constantly learning new creative techniques and art. With inspirations like Virgil Abloh, Off White, and Rhianna, Major’s fashion influencers are nothing short of amazing.

Major’s senior project at the Art Institute is his favorite project he has worked on thus far.


What sets Major apart is his high fashion perspective in fashion. With not many ready to wear pieces, is his luxurious high end items for women that he believes reflect art while making ethical and environmentally friendly choices.

Make sure to follow Will Major on all social platforms and be on the lookout for his latest designs!





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