So I’ve been busting my ass lately. Working on all of my goals and trying to get my head on straight. It’s so much harder said that done, I swear.


I’ve been slowly easing back into the gym and I’m down 25 lbs since April! I watch my food portions and drink more water. I limit myself to ONE soda a day, sometimes two if I need some more caffeine lol. I’ve been trying to walk more and get to 10,000 steps a day and lets be honest I never reach that. I always get to 8000 and finally need to go to bed. I’ve also been drinking alcohol A LOT less.


I’ve been really working on my Younique Girl Gloss Classes content and I’m almost done! I think I have one more video to film and I’m done! It’ll launch next week some time and I’m so excited to share these products and the opportunity of Younique with everyone! I’m even going to a training conference in Concord NC in November. I’m super excited to learn new tips and information!

I also just got this amazing vanity for my makeup and videos and rearranged my apartment for everything to fit and I’m so in love!


Speedy Pak is going extremely well and keeping me super busy as well! It’s growing so fast and not slowing down anytime soon! My dad keeps talking about retiring in two years and letting me and my sister run the show. Which, is super exciting but scary at the same time! But I know I can do it!


I am just really focusing and concentrating on myself. Self love. Mental and physical health and I’m seeing progress. I am so happy and it’s such a great feeling. Hard work pays off.





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