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What to Get Her for Christmas

Whether it’s your momma, your best friend, girlfriend, wife, fianc√©, sister, etc., we all have females in our lives that we want to get the right thing for for the holidays! I’m your guide to getting them something great! And let me just tell you, GIFT CARDS ARE FINE! *Gladly accepting gift cards to Sephora, Ulta, or Amazon* Thanks in advance.

For the fit girl: Apple ear pods! It’s so annoying to be working out and getting tangled in your earbud cord or even dropping your phone on accident and the earbuds rip out of your ears etc. These are just so nice and convenient! She will really appreciate and love these!



For the girl on the go: a gift card for a massage and facial from a local spa! The girl on the go is exhausted and probably needs some time for recharging and relaxation. (Must add a foot scrub too.)


Spa woman. Female enjoying massage in spa centre.

For the makeup obsessed girl: makeup brush cleaner machine. If she’s anything like me, she hates cleaning her makeup brushes and probably procrastinates cleaning them! This machine is awesome and really saves time. Make sure you get the cleaning solution that goes along with it!




For the sentimental girl: a Pandora ring! I am so obsessed with these right now and really love this one in particular. But I’m sure any ring from Pandora would be amazing.



For the girl who has everything:¬†This might be on the pricier side, but the memories you are about to make are priceless. Book a nice hotel room for the weekend. Order room service, swim in the indoor pool, book a massage at the hotel spa, and watch movies! Create memories! It’s nice to get away for a minute. Even if the hotel is in your city, there’s something about hotels and that just give me a sense of relaxation and calm. Especially wearing those amazing plush white robes they have!

What’s on your Christmas lust list this year? Who do you have the most trouble buying something for?




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