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New Years Resolutions


  • Weight Loss

I know. Blah blah blah. Everyone freaking wants a better body. BUT THIS IS MY YEAR. 

  • Church

I really want to connect more spiritually. I want to make it a priority to go every Sunday!

  • Practice Meditation/Yoga

I suck at meditating AND yoga. I am determined this year to quiet my mind when I need to. Yoga just really goes with my fitness goal as well.

  • Save Money

I plan to stack. $$$$$ Please comment your best advice for saving money!!!

  • No Spend Month

So I’ve heard about people doing this before and I really want to give it a try. Maybe even do it twice in 2019. It’s a whole month that you dedicate NOT spending any money on anything unnecessary. ONLY ESSENTIALS. Okay… so I’m going to get my mani/pedi because that’s just unsanitary if I don’t. But other than that, no shoes, no clothes, no bags, no going out. NOTHING. Just necessities. Anyone wanna join me in the month of February?

  • Blog

I’m really going to dedicate my time to writing and sharing with everyone. I really want to give this my all and keep it consistent with all of you. I love my blog and I hope everyone loves what I have to say.

What are some of your resolutions in 2019?




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