My 2019 Vision Board

I’ve always loved vision boards but have never made one myself! So I decided to go ahead and break down and make one! Here’s what mine looks like! I made a digital one but you can totally make one IRL. This is my vision board for 2019!


I really wanted to make this vision board personal.

  • I added Khloé K for body and fitness inspo because I just think her body is incredible.
  • The airplane emoji because I want to move out of Myrtle Beach this year.
  • The mascara wands because I just love makeup and I love the way it makes me feel and how I can sync my look to my mood.
  • The money emoji because I want to stack some cash and save save save.
  • “Hard Work” because I know that I will have to put a lot of work in to accomplish my goals.
  • “Good Vibes Only” because that’s all I want to surround myself with.
  • “Pray” because I really want to focus on my relationship with God.
  • “Focus” because I know that I lose focus so easily and get sidetracked and caught up in things that don’t really matter and temporary feelings.
  • “Achieve” because I want to achieve all of my goals this year.
  • “Happiness” because I want to find happiness and peace within this year.
  • And my blog logo because I really want to give you guys my all this year!

What do you think about my vision board!? Have you ever made one? Comment below! 


Make sure you like, share, and follow my blog if you enjoy it! I appreciate each and every one of you more than you know and I know that together we can kick 2019’s ass and won’t be making the same resolutions and goals for 2020. 



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