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Goodbye Myrtle Beach, Hello Charlotte

Moving from Myrtle Beach to Charlotte was such a huge and important decision for me. I had to do what was best for me. And although I tell people I hate Myrtle Beach, I really love it. It really made me who I am in a lot of ways. In a lot of ways it showed me what I didn’t want in life and made me grow to see that I needed and craved more.

I miss my family so much and I really miss working with my dad more than anything. It’s funny how much you take little things like that for granted. Waking up and seeing your dad every morning. Maybe calling him to bring me breakfast to work. LOL. I was spoiled. I know.

Now we are 4 hours apart. And my heart is hurting.

I am really loving Charlotte though. In a week of being here, I have accomplished my first FULL week of work at a new amazing company. I have met some really nice people at work too. Everyone is so nice and sweet to me during my training. I even went and saw my favorite musician, Travis Scott, perform! (And he was amazing.)

I love my apartment more than anything. It really feels like home and the dogs are loving the extra space to run around. I can’t thank my Momma enough for all the hard work she put in, even when she was feeling bad, to help me unpack and decorate. (Apartment tour!?)


I’m just really excited for this fresh start and new journey I’ve started.


Stay tuned for some updates! What are some things you guys want to talk about?






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