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Motivational Monday (On A Tuesday)

Today (writing this on Monday, 4/22), was my first day on the Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy diet as well as my newfound plant based diet. I feel really good. Super clear.

I weighed myself this morning and drank some Arbonne herbal tea (with no caffeine, kill me). I was craving an iced coffee or cold Diet Coke so bad but stuck to my guns.


Then, I drank a chocolate protein shake that I added almond butter, a banana, and some kale to. It actually was really good and super thick but not TOO chalky, ya know. I mean, a bagel woulda been ten times better but I’m trying to get that out of my head at this point.


I got to work and took a few phone calls and answered some emails. The Arbonne diet says that I can have a snack between breakfast and lunch, and also between lunch and dinner. Either 10 almonds (I know….) or an apple. So I had 10 almonds for my AM snack.

Throughout the next 30 days, I’m also not allowed to have any alcohol or caffeine. So, in the 30 day diet from Arbonne, I received these Fizz sticks that DO have a source of natural caffeine in them. You’re only allowed two per day. So after breakfast I had one fizz, and saved my last stick of the day to have with my dinner.


For lunch, I brought with me to work my vanilla protein shake that I added frozen berries and kale to. It wasn’t bad either, but I almost jumped my cubicle neighbor by this point as he was eating left over Reese’s peanut butter eggs left over from yesterday’s holiday. *JESUS take the wheel.*

After some time passed from lunch, I ate a green apple, that I basically ate down to the core. Just because I wanted to chew something. (Note to self: invest in gum.) But on a serious note, that apple was damn good.

For dinner, since my Hungry Root box came in, I had so many options! So, I made butternut squash noodles with braised lemongrass tofu, mixed in Thai peanut sauce. All ONLY 350 calories. It was so delicious and I’m completely satisfied, to be honest. It was also really nice to just cook something fresh and something that I knew was good for me. Also, guilt free.


I really drank A LOT of water today as well. I usually drink a ton of soda and/or some sort of energy drink. But I really made a point to keep my Takeya 32 oz insulated stainless steel water jug full. (I drank 4 full bottles.) It really helps that my work has a water cooler with iced water in it too!

All in all, this day wasn’t hard at all, as much as Im exaggerating (JK all these thoughts crossed my mind.) But I know that as time continues, it will get easier and become more of a habit. I think that food was such a big part of my life. I made it more about comfort and celebration as opposed to what it’s really for; nutrition and fueling the body.



Have you ever tried Arbonne? Any healthy vegan recipes on a budget? Any weight loss tips? Thanks in advance!

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