Morning Routines

Routines are so very important to me. Everyone really has some sort of routine, whether it’s a morning/nightly routines, a skincare routine, or any grooming routine. Everyone has, or SHOULD have some sort of routine. It’s literally what keeps me sane. I have a great night time routine. I’ve got it down.

But lately, I’ve been craving some sort of routine in the morning. After reading The Miracle Morning, I’ve really wanted to make my mornings a true, well, miracle. (I also suggest you read that book if you are in need of a morning routine!)

Every successful person I’ve ever read about or listened to on a podcast always talk about how important morning routines are and always talk about their extra peaceful mornings where they indulge in yoga, journaling, meditation, water, and so on.

Why Forming A Morning Routine Is So Important:

  1. It sets the tone for the day. If you have a chaotic morning, you’re most likely going to have a chaotic day and be behind. Setting a clear positive morning routine will improve your entire day!
  2. The morning is the best time to start the change that requires willpower!

My morning routines usually consist of CHAOS. Truly waking up every morning an hour to 30 minutes before I’m supposed to be at work, and running around like a crazy woman. Trying to get the dogs situated for the day. Trying to look somewhat presentable. Grabbing breakfast while running out the door. I know it can’t be good for my stress levels.

My IDEAL morning would look something like waking up at 5:00am every morning. (I know that sounds so early, and maybe that’s why I struggle getting up that early! I freak myself out. I snooze my alarm until about 7am and then, the race is on.) I would love to go to the gym every morning. I love dedicating my evenings to the dogs, to be honest. And getting in a quick walk with the dogs. I am NOT a morning shower kind of person, but I know that if I had time to go to the gym in the mornings, then I’d have to follow up with a shower. Which I’d love. Getting to read and write a little in the morning would be so amazing as well! I’m a huge reader. And I would love to get some journaling in.

What would your mornings look like? Do you have a big morning routine? I need all the details. What motivates you to get up early in the morning? I need all the motivation right now.




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