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New Years Resolutions

  Weight Loss I know. Blah blah blah. Everyone freaking wants a better body. BUT THIS IS MY YEAR.  Church I really want to connect more spiritually. I want to make it a priority to go every Sunday! Practice Meditation/Yoga I suck at meditating AND yoga. I am determined this year to quiet my mind… Continue reading New Years Resolutions


The Podcasts I Cannot Live Without

I am currently obsessed with listening to podcasts. It's definitely my way of getting in my daily dose of self growth. I listen to podcasts at the gym, in the mornings while getting ready and sometimes in the car if I'm really hooked on something. Here are my top favorite podcasts at the moment: The… Continue reading The Podcasts I Cannot Live Without


27 Things You Don’t Know About Me

I was vegan for almost a year. I wanted to be an author and a veterinarian when I was little. My dream was to go to NYU for music but then I got sick with mono. I almost followed my first real boyfriend to Maryland to live. I am the baby in my family but… Continue reading 27 Things You Don’t Know About Me