I’m baaaaaack with a great playlist to start off your week! Ok.. this isn’t a mixtape, BUT this is exactly what I’m listening to right now and it’s literally ALL I’m listening to at the moment. Drake who? ONE HINT: it’s lit.   XOXO,


Sorry for a late mixtape, and I’m not even trying to be lazy this time! This is seriously all I’m listening to at the moment and I’m obsessed! Click below to listen and make sure you subscribe to Apple Music! They’re my favorite streaming service out there!   XOXO,

My Most Used Apps on My iPhone

I am so guilty of having an app on my phone for literally everything. I have my phone apps super organized according to categories and what I use them for. Check out my most used apps as of recently! Heres a general view of how OCD I am with organizing my apps! Don’t judge meeeee….


Happy Monday! I’m so sorry I’ve been absent BUT I’ve been so crazy busy. I have been putting this playlist together for a WEEK. SO MANY GREAT NEW ALBUMS HAVE DROPPED RECENTLY! I made this playlist before Drake’s new album dropped but there’s still a couple of his songs on here because he’s just my…


This is probably my most favorite mixtape I’ve put together! I truly adore every song on here. I hope it is a great soundtrack to your week! Make sure you subscribe to Apple Music and listen to my playlist in the link below! It is truly worth it! Listen & Subscribe HERE

My Goals For The Summer

Most people think of summer as THE season to let loose and relax! I feel like I’m the opposite. Summer is the time when I’m most motivated! I feel like I’m super depressed and just not motivated or inspired at all in the winter time. It’s so pretty in Myrtle Beach in the summer and…


Here’s what I’ve been listening to a lot lately! It’s a lot of oldies but goodies! I hope this helps get you through the rest of the week while you’re sitting in your office watching the sun shine outside! Click the link below! Also, don’t forget to sign up for Apple Music! It’s my favorite…


Spoiler alert: it’s literally Cardi B’s new album because that’s LITERALLY all I’m listening to right now. I don’t even skip one song. It’s that good! Link below! Listen Here! How do you like this album!? Comment below!   Also, make sure you join Apple Music. It’s the best streaming service for music there is…


As always, I’m working on talking with local artists and artists in general who are super passionate about their work. I came across thirty-three year old Askari Pine, a local artist from Conway, SC. Christopher Pino aka Askari Pine has been on and off with music for about ten years but has recently started putting…