Why I Never Gave Up

Throughout my life, I have faced many struggles – many demons. I had a wonderful childhood and the best of the best parents and sister. Wonderful and best are an understatement, actually. But throughout my life, I ALWAYS knew I was different and always felt different. I was moody and off balance. Although that is…


Sorry for a late mixtape, and I’m not even trying to be lazy this time! This is seriously all I’m listening to at the moment and I’m obsessed! Click below to listen and make sure you subscribe to Apple Music! They’re my favorite streaming service out there!   XOXO,

My Most Used Apps on My iPhone

I am so guilty of having an app on my phone for literally everything. I have my phone apps super organized according to categories and what I use them for. Check out my most used apps as of recently! Heres a general view of how OCD I am with organizing my apps! Don’t judge meeeee….


It’s my birthday month! So I wanted to share a throwback from my 16th birthday party. My best friend and I planned the whole thing. We teamed up together and rented out Broadway Louis at Broadway at the Beach and sent out invitations in the mail. The theme was Chanel, obviously! That cake was what…

Weight-Loss Update – Week 1

To be honest, this weekend was very difficult. I was around so much good food and around family and alcohol. It was super hard because I was never given an option of anything healthy. So I just ate super slowly, mindfully, and didn’t eat a lot. Side note: All in all, a lot of my…

June 2018 Favorite Beauty Products (video)

    Like, Share, Comment, & Subscribe! carlibrooks.com KKW Gardenia Oud — https://kkwfragrance.com Tarte Park Ave Princess Bronzer — https://bit.ly/2z6VIl4 MAC Soar Lip Liner — https://bit.ly/2AgA35X Kylie Cosmetics NOVA lipstick — https://bit.ly/2MGvPe6 Kylie Cosmetics Kylighter — https://bit.ly/2l5mroh Tarte Tarteist Eyeliner — https://bit.ly/2tSIdji Too Faced Born This Way Foundation — https://bit.ly/2BeHWsA Davines Oi All In One…


Happy Monday! I’m so sorry I’ve been absent BUT I’ve been so crazy busy. I have been putting this playlist together for a WEEK. SO MANY GREAT NEW ALBUMS HAVE DROPPED RECENTLY! I made this playlist before Drake’s new album dropped but there’s still a couple of his songs on here because he’s just my…

Time for Change

I’ve never been a small girl. I’m 5’9” and full of curves. I’ve always been told that I have a “beautiful face” and although that’s super sweet, that really upsets me because… what about the rest of me?  I’ve tried diets that don’t last because I would get so frustrated so easily. I would be…

My Favorite Summer Lip Colors

I love bright and vibrant lip colors. Especially in the summer! Also, I’ve really love a really beautiful nude and pink lip. Here’s what I’m looking forward to wearing this summer! What lippie will you be rocking this summer!? XOXO,

3 Ways To Let Go & Live Better Today

It seems like the older I get, the more I ruminate on more and more. I am so busy most of the time that I can’t seem to let go and to live my life for me. Chances are, you’ve got so much going on as well. Between work, social life, family, finances, pets, etc….