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My Current Summer Beauty Must Haves

I haven't posted anything about beauty in a WHILE! I don't feel like I'm an expert or good enough at it to really share but I do get complimented on makeup and hair often, so I must be doing something right? Summer is one of my favorite seasons for beauty minus the humidity that makes… Continue reading My Current Summer Beauty Must Haves

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My Summer Reading List 2018

I love to read and as I mentioned in my previous post about my summer goals, my reading list is a big goal of mine this summer! Here are the books on my reading list for the summer and why I want to read them. Wait, I'm just going to be honest... I have started… Continue reading My Summer Reading List 2018

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My Goals For The Summer

Most people think of summer as THE season to let loose and relax! I feel like I'm the opposite. Summer is the time when I'm most motivated! I feel like I'm super depressed and just not motivated or inspired at all in the winter time. It's so pretty in Myrtle Beach in the summer and… Continue reading My Goals For The Summer

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Current Summer Fashion Lust List

Must Summer Wish List

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My Favorite Sunnies: Quay

  I am constantly being asked where I get my sunglasses from! I have several pairs from this brand and I'm obsessed with them! They are unique and super stylish! Plus they are SUPER affordable! What do you guys think?! Click on the banner below and check some out! My little collection! I have Sorority… Continue reading My Favorite Sunnies: Quay